What You Need To Know About Mildew On Carpet

Mildew is mostly found on damp/moist surfaces. It is thin and appears as black or white growth produced by mold. However, as the mold grows, they can be destructive and can cause undesirable odor. Mildew can dis-color fabric, make fabric or carpet rot and fall into pieces and can also cause allergenic reactions to people who have asthma or people who have a sensitive skin. Mold exposure can irritate the eyes, throat, skin, lungs of both allergic individuals and non-allergic individuals a reason why getting rid of mildew on any surface around the house whether carpet, furniture, ceiling or any other surface is important.

Mildew Carpet

What Causes Mildew On Carpet?

Identifying the main causes of mildew is very important. In most cases, mildew will be formed when:
-Your Home Is Poorly Ventilated

Poorly ventilated rooms especially on basements can offer a breeding ground for mildew. Dark rooms can be an easy target especially the floors where your precious carpet stays because they can become moist and dusty overtime forming a perfect place for mildew growth. To avoid this, keep your doors and windows open at least several hours a day to let sunshine and fresh air in. This will not only keep your home dry, but will make your home well ventilated hence keeping mildew away.

-Poorly Dried/Wet Carpet

Your carpet is at a high risk of growing mold if it is wet. Make sure every time you wash or steam your carpet, you let it dry completely. Wet carpets offer favourable conditions for mold to grow. Mold spores are naturally found on air, and once they land on a moist surface that is dusty, they are likely to grow. It doesn't matter how long the carpet has been wet a reason why keeping your carpet dry at all times is very important.

-Dirty Carpets

Spilled soups, milk or any food on the carpet when not removed promptly can make room for mildew to grow. Make sure you keep your carpet clean at all times. When you spill anything on your carpet, make sure to spot clean and dry that particular area immediately with a detergent to keep odor and bad smell away. Letting dirt stay for too long can make your carpet susceptible for bacteria and fungi growth no matter how little the spill seemed to be.

Mildew Carpet

How Do You Remove Mildew From The Carpet?

Removing Mildew From The Carpet Depends On:

1. How long the carpet has been exposed to mold.
2. The surface area covered by mildew on the carpet.

So, How Does Number 1 Affect Cleaning?

Carpets that have been exposed to mildew for months cannot be cleaned because the final stages of degenerating and rotting are most likely to have occurred. This means disposing such carpets and replacing them with new ones will be the only option. When your carpet has been exposed to flooding or has stayed in dirty/standing water for a long time, cleaning will be futile a reason why replacing the carpet altogether will be the best option.

How Does Surface Area Affect Cleaning?

When mold affects a particular spot on the carpet, cleaning is easy. But if the whole carpet is covered in mold resulting from a long duration of exposure, cleaning will require some professional expertise. If that fails and damage has already been done, replacing the carpet will be a good idea.

Mildew Carpet

Best Ways To Get Mildew Out Of The Carpet
It is always best to deal with mildew immediately after spotting it. Below is a quick step by step process.

-Remove the carpet and perform a thorough inspection. If the mold has reached backing at the base of the carpet, consider professional help since you could ruin your carpet if you use the wrong products or cleaning procedure on the carpet. If a large area however has been affected, consider replacing the carpet.

-Gently sweep and vacuum the mildew affected area to loosen and remove the mold.

-Use warm water and a mild detergent to clean the area using either a sponge to dab clean the area or using a steam-cleaning machine. Make sure not to use harsh detergents because they might corrode the already damaged carpet.

-Make sure to dry out the carpet thoroughly. Sun drying or applying heat will all be effective as long as you get optimum results.

This is just a simple process to help you get rid of mildew whenever you spot one on your carpet. However, persistent mold may require professional cleaning. They have the right products, expertise and ways to improve the quality of your carpet. Purchasing a steam cleaner or using anti-mold treatments and sprays can also be effective in treating mildew no matter the cause.

If everything proves futile, you can opt to remove the ruined section of the carpet and replacing the section with a similar patch. This is especially true if cleaning was unsuccessful. However, this is not a good solution if multiple sections of the carpet have been affected.

Mildew Carpet

How To Prevent Mildew

-Reduce indoor humidity.

-Install carpets to areas that are less likely to become wet or moist. Areas such as bathrooms, basements or the kitchen will do better with tiles or any other flooring. Wetness increases the chances of mold to grow.

-Use solid or rubber-slab carpet padding to prevent mold growth. These paddings help keep moisture away in turn making your carpet dry and mildew free.

-Remove and dry your carpet immediately when floods, leaks or any other water damages occur in the house. Leaving the carpet in standing water for long can destroy your carpet for good.

-Be cautious when cleaning your carpet. Make sure your carpet dries out thoroughly after cleaning no matter what mode of cleaning you have used.

Your carpet is the first thing people see whenever they come in your home a reason why keeping it clean and beautiful is important. Inspecting your carpet often for mildew and dust, cleaning and grooming your carpet regularly will all go a long way in not only keeping molds and mildew at bay but will help keep your carpet comfortable and germ free for your kids and family members.
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