Will My Pets Be Allergic To Carpet Flooring?

Having a pet in Singapore is wonderful thing. If you are a dog or cat keeper, owning a pet will always give you joy. Keeping pets come with its advantages and disadvantages. One of the major advantages associated with pet keeping is companionship where you spend time in your house. Unfortunately, there may be some conflicts arising from shared life. One of these disadvantages or conflicts may be that you will have to be extremely clean if you are to use a carpet. If very high standards of cleaning might present a challenge to you, you can decide to completely avoid carpet flooring. You have to avoid unkempt carpet to keep your pets safe from allergies. Allergies have become collectively common in many households all over the world. The causes of these allergies have remained questionable to most people.


What Causes Allergies in Pets?

The greatest cause of allergies is dander; these are tiny flakes of skin that are invisible with naked eyes. Most people argue that fur is the cause of allergies but it is not. The dander particles have sticky hat thus they are easily moved by clothes, carpet and furniture. Allergies are caused by allergens found in the dander.

These allergens do not have health threats to pets but with weak immune system they can be affected causing series of pet allergies. Some symptoms of these allergies are sneezing, running nose and cough also difficulty in breathing and watery eyes.

The body of the pet through its mechanism produces antibodies that fight the allergens from the eyes by the watery eyes and the nose through running nose. The antibody is called immunoglobulin.

Pet allergies are great threat to pets with low immune system as the body will produce antigens that react to the pet allergy. Every individual would care much for their pets. Feeding and taking care of the pet is not enough. You will have to spend more coins on vets as well as pets grooming.

Carpet Care for Reduced Pet Allergies

Carpet flooring helps in filtering off and trapping allergens until you vacuum them up. Carpets are therefore good in boosting indoor air quality and improving the looks of your interior space. However, it should be noted that not any carpet can do this; only clean carpets.

One of the most important reasons for cleaning your carpet regularly is if you have a pet at home.
Every pet sheds of the dead skin and it should be done away with always to avoid the shed hair from sticking on the carpet that will later cause allergies to it.

Allergic Carpet

You can successfully keep your carpet clean by taking the following measures:

- Vacuuming your carpet
- Bathing the pet
- Using shampoos and wipes
- Giving the room enough time to freshen up after carpet cleaning
- Forced heating
- Air conditioning

Vacuuming your carpet with a HEPA filtration helps to do away with the dander as the machine discharges it back to the air.

It is important to remove the carpet from areas that the pet always sleeps or in areas that the pet spends more time to avoid accumulation of the dander. With that in mind carpet flooring should not then be done in rooms where the pet sleeps.

Bathing the pet also should be done once a week to reduce the amount of hair that falls off contaminating the carpet. First of all you have to clean the house and the carpet before bathing the pet to avoid the pet contracting the dander after bathing it.

There are shampoos and wipes that lower the levels of dander, talk to your pet store provider for the best product to use on your carpet. Air purifiers do not only reduce dander but also other allergies that are more infectious than pet allergies. Have a purifier for your pet room then other rooms in the home.

Proteins found on pets also cause allergies on some pets. Carpet flooring may absorb the urine of pets that contain proteins and this makes other pets to sneeze and have watery eyes due to the smell.

Carpet Flooring

After cleaning the carpet give the room time to freshen up by scrubbing the floor and leave it bare without the carpet for a day or two. If you must have a carpet then having at least two of them for changing would reduce the level of dander in the home and keep pet allergies low. You can clean and give it enough time for airing, if possible use warm water or hot to clean.

Ensure you change outfits after cleaning the carpet and also when you brush off your pet not forgetting bathing the pet. Wear a mask while you vacuum the carpet. Vacuum cleaners bring up dander that has settled on the carpet making the allergies worse if protective detergent is not used.

Air-conditioning and forced heating can spread allergens inside the house, thus cover furniture and pet rooms vents with materials that can filter the shed hairs. In fact air cleansers that have electrostatic filter remove particles that are the size of an animal allergen from the air thus cannot settle on the carpet.

Pets are part of our family and they help family members to relieve stress. One should handle pets with care and manage their allergies the same way we handle our own allergies.

Nowadays pets live with us, sit on our sofas, play with us and even watch television with our family members so if not properly taken care of they end up infecting us with the same allergies that affect them. The above tips will allow you to manage allergies related to carpet in your pets as well as give your pet a free allergy life and have a healthy relationship with your pet.

Do not be afraid to use carpet flooring in your home just to keep your pet allergy free. Use professional companies to clean your carpet for thoroughly cleaned flooring according to the warranty of your manufacturer. It is advisable to leave your shoes at the door to avoid allergen contamination to not only your pet but to you and your dear ones.
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