Vinyi Flooring

Getting your dream house soon? Frantically searching for some good interior ideas on whether which kind of flooring should you get in your house? Why not consider Vinyl flooring? If you on a tight budget yet would like to have a little posh and luxury feel in your house, Vinyl flooring will be the ideal choice. This kind of flooring is the least expensive flooring that is widely available in the Interior Design markets. Almost about 11% of flooring installed would be vinyl materials. Confusion always appears between vinyl and linoleum flooring. The main difference will be the materials used during the manufacturing. Vinyl would be cheaper than linoleum; however, linoleum will last for 2 to 3 years longer if maintained correctly.

Vinyl flooring is available in the market with many patterns, textures and colours; in addition, Vinyl flooring is also user-friendly. Whenever there is a spillage of drinks or foods, it can be easily cleaned without leaving any stain or scratch marks. Vinyl flooring can be installed in any estate or commercial building as they are very durable; it can withhold high foot traffic. Vinyl flooring is resistant against water; many consumers may consider installing in their sanitary wares.

How to clean and maintain Vinyl flooring?

It is quite easy to maintain this type of flooring by vacuuming, wiping, waxing and wet mopping. Wiping and mopping with clear water is able to remove stain marks and dirt. Waxing is one of the problem owners will encounter, but before they consult professionals, and they used normal type of waxing products. Owners should seek help from professionals and use only vinyl flooring polish shine products. It is not advisable to use strong chemical substance to clean it as it may cause wear and tear and even fading of colours. Hiring professionals to maintain your flooring once every three months will be ideal as they are able to provide you with what type of services you require.

Different Vinyl tiles have different types of backing for different locations. Average Vinyl tiles are install-friendly, which many people may choose to install it themselves at home. The higher standard of Vinyl flooring, will normally be install in commercial buildings, would be much more expensive and bulky which may require more glue, and other sticky substances. In addition, printed vinyl flooring is unable to retain colour and patterns better than inlaid vinyl flooring.

If you want your house or office to be attractive, it is advisable to hire the right professional company for cleaning and installing and seek help if you are in doubt. They should be able to meet most of your requirements and budget so that they can provide you with their professional opinion and advice.

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