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Carpet is essential to any commercial offices and homes as it is always one of the most prominent object that attract people’s eyes when they enter the house. If you are entering an office, which requires you to remove your footwear, just flooring alone is never enough due to the cold temperature. By installing carpets, it can absorb humidity and also trap bacteria and dirt which also helps to improve human respiratory system. In addition, carpets help to reduce noise pollution, and it is highly recommended if you have Hi-fi set and loud speakers built in at home.

Carpet tiles are strongly recommended to be installed at homes instead of commercial buildings due to high foot traffic. Carpet tiles are not only carpets; they can have different ‘roles’ such as decoration as an art piece on the wall. It can brighten the entire house with the different shapes and colours available in the market. It will be an ideal choice for people who require carpets that last about 5 years. Carpet tiles can be removed and replaced easily; instead of removing the whole flooring, only a part of the damaged tile is removed and this will save cost if you are on a tight budget.

Vinyl tiles are durable and can withhold high foot traffic. Vinyl tiles can be installed in commercial buildings and homes. In different situations, people choose different standard of vinyl tiles. In commercial buildings, companies would install the bulky and expensive vinyl tiles which may require more glue, and other sticky substances because it has higher foot traffic but it is more time consuming for companies to remove and replace their flooring in future. On the other hand, vinyl flooring is also user-friendly, any spillage of food and drinks, it can be easily cleaned without any stain marks.

Rug can personalize your homes or office. It provides comfort and warmth feeling. Rug’s durability differs, it depends on factors such as- the location you place it and maintenance of the rug. One reminder; rug should not be place under direct sunlight and maintaining it regularly by vacuuming.

Today with the wide variety of choices in the market, you can find a suitable item for your office or homes. Always be there physically when you are purchasing anything so that you can feel the quality of the material and seek help for clarification from the professionals.

We are a company with trained professionals to provide you with the service and advice you require. If you are unsure on what type of carpets to purchase, approach our staffs and they are willing to provide you with relevant information and carpets that are within your budget. Call us and we will arrange an appointment for a free onsite quotation.

Why We Are The Leading Carpet Supplier In Singapore?

Carpets are one of the most important features of a modern home or office interior. Though there are some special carpets that can be applied in an exterior setting. All in all, the carpets tend to offer a cozy surface and also, it helps to limit the noise when people are walking. The carpets will also help to insulate the room and they can also limit the friction and scratches caused by shoes. Some act as an aesthetic aspect of the floor. They will give the floor a new look that will be amazingly presentable. Finding the right carpet supplier is one of the things that is very challenging to most of the clients. Many people want to go to the right supplier, in order to find exactly what they want.

We are a well-established company that supplies carpets all around Singapore our services are recognized and we also deal with highly professional products. Here are some of the reasons that make us a leading carpet supplier in Singapore.

Our brand is one of the leading in the whole country. We have a good reputation and we are very much recognized both online and around the market. We offer high-quality services and above all, we ensure that our clients get the flooring that they need in their homes or offices.

Other than our high reputation, we have been in the business for many years now and it is one of the things that has contributed to our high reputation. We have learned a lot over the years and we understand what the average client needs in a carpet. We learn from our clients and other suppliers and we embrace corrections at all times. Our employees have the right set of skills in working with the carpets.

One thing about our company is that we take care of the needs of every client. For that, we ensure that everyone gets whatever they are shopping for. We have a huge range of vinyl flooring options that will help you transform the look of your home or office interior. The vinyl flooring come in different types that you are free to choose, according to your preferences.

We also have a number of carpet tiles that the clients can choose from. These carpet tiles come in different patterns, size, and material. There are also a number of carpets that you are free to choose from, which gives you the freedom of enjoying all the top choices on the market. Our carpets also come in different colors that you can match the theme of your interior. Whether you want Berber, textured, plush or frieze carpets, you can choose from the variety of our products.

We understand that there are different types of buyers with different plans with their budget. For that, we have flexible prices that are offered to the clients. We have high range products that cost much higher and also, there are some carpets that will cost lower. All in all, we have friendly prices that will match the type and quality of carpet that you choose. We set our prices to be flexible, in order to cater to every client that needs to buy from us. We also sell flexible, whether you want to buy individual carpets, or you want to buy in a bulk. Basically, we sell in wholesale and retail.

Dealing with carpets can be tiresome and it can also be quite challenging. For that reason, we offer our clients with the right information about carpets. We will advise you on how to take care of your carpet, including the washing and cleaning tips. We will also guide you on how to choose the right carpet that will serve you right while maintaining your preference. We will also recommend you to the right companies that can help you clean your carpet and install them in the right way.

One of our policies at the company is to fulfill the needs and expectations of the client. Inasmuch as this can seem difficult, we strive and do our best at making it possible. We have a reliable team that is responsible in the customer service unit. This team is professionally trained on how to deal with the clients in a friendly way. Every client will be satisfied differently, meaning that we will receive different types of complaints altogether. For that, our team is trained on how to be patient and how to communicate and cool a frustrated client.

In addition, we tend to develop a good relationship with every client. Once we have supplied the carpet or vinyl flooring that you requested, we will can later to confirm your satisfaction. Our customer support team will can the client to check if the carpet or flooring has caused them any problem.

Another common thing that our brand is known for is the high products that we deal with. We supply our clients with products that have been certified and proven. Our products have been tested for quality and safety for human use. They are friendly to the environment and are guaranteed to last for long enough.

We have a number of products that come with a long-term warranty from the manufacturers. This helps you to be certain of a product that can last for long enough. Whenever you have a complaint about the type of flooring that we have supplied, we will have it checked and replaced if necessary.

Our company works to ensure that the client is satisfied and that they get the right service or treatment that they expected. We are responsive to the clients’ complaints and orders. We also offer home deliveries whenever a client makes a request. Before any order is released, we cross-check to ensure that we are supplying the right type of product. Even if a mistake is made, we will take full responsibilities and pay for any losses incurred. Our aim is to ensure that each client is satisfied and that they get what they need in the flooring options.


    What Our Clients Saying

    • They were very helpful with selections and with explaining options, both on style and cost. We have received a lot of comments on our tile and carpets. The staff was always respectful about our time. The basket weave tile in the master bath and shower is just what I wanted!
      Suki Lim
    • We replaced all of our carpet and installed new tile in the baths and laundry. We were happy with the prices but SOLD on the Beautiful Guarantee! We were dreading moving everything around but the crews were polite, clean, and courteous.
      David Lau
    • A wonderful experience. We had shopped several stores but truly found a huge selection and felt the prices were more than fair. They were respectful of our time and careful with our home. I would recommend them strongly.
      Jenny Cho
    • We replaced all of our carpet and installed new tile in the baths and laundry. We were happy with the prices but SOLD on the Beautiful Guarantee! We were dreading moving everything around but the crews were polite, clean, and courteous.
      Crystal Khu
    • This is just a note to say how much we love our new tile. It is a company that you can depend on with excellent employees who were all a pleasure to meet.
      Janice Lee

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