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Have you wondered why and where carpet comes from? Carpet was first found in 3400 years ago as an Egyptian Fresco of handloom. Carpet had since then undergoes series of transformations and evolutions, bringing their nice exotic designs to the people’s hearts and houses. Carpets are not just for their posh looking designs but act as an insulator against hot or cold weather. Since carpet is commonly use as the main base of decoration in the house, covering large area in the house, hence when come to selection of colours, texture and designs, you would need to make a careful consideration.

Using of carpet would be one of the easiest options to personalise one’s environment, its design and colour will act as a neutral base in the house theme, or be an attraction of the house. Hence, finding a right and suitable carpet that will fit in to your home’s lifestyle, you would need to consider your living habits and the general feels that you wish to construct in the house, thus, you will be guided to the right type of carpet.

Carpet Tile is not an unfamiliar product in the carpet industry. Its history can be trace back about 50 years ago, was developed for residential houses as an alternative towards old handloom carpet. Carpet tiles are flexible than old handloom when it comes to designing and selection of colours in your house. With the aid of recent technology, carpet tile are being evolved to many assorted design and colour. Carpet tile also are easy to install, transported, fit into awkward designed rooms etc.

Vinyl tile is a type of flooring material which is typically cheap, easy to install and ease maintenance. Their primarily composition is “polyvinyl chloride resins” and “plasticizers”, highly waterproof and high durability. If your flooring is covered with these tiles, it can last for a long time without any wear and tear, with a proper maintenance. In the market, there are many designs and colour of vinyl tiles for your selection. With the improvement of technology, now you will be spoilt for choices, as vinyl tiles now also are being designed to have a ”twins” look alike with posh and luxury flooring i.e. Marble, wooden strip etc. Their imitation looks really could have you snob as you cannot differentiate with their expensive counterpart.

What is a rug? It was known that the earliest Interior Design for flooring back in 8000 BC is the rug. Rug comes in many different forms i.e. machine weaving, traditional hand knotted etc. Actually rug and carpet served the same function. The difference of using those terminologies is that rug is used to describe any piece which is lower than 39 square feet while anything bigger will be considered as a carpet. However, in today era, rug is widely used to identify as an area rug of broadloom or from wall to wall carpeting.

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