How Durable Are Carpet Tile?

Carpet Tiles

How Durable Are Carpet Tile?

Looking for carpe Tile? The popularity of carpet Tile has grown tremendously over the past few years.
This can perhaps be attributed to the fact that carpet Tile are easy to clean and install, and they are relatively affordable compared to other types of office and household carpets.
When it comes to durability, carpet Tile are considered to be one of the most durable carpets in the market today.

But the question one has to ask is exactly how durable are carpet Tile?

Different types of carpet Tile have different levels of durability depending on the how the Tile are made and the materials used to make them.

Some of the different carpet Tile include:

Woven Carpet Tile
Flat Weave Tile
Tufted Tile
Need Felt Tile
Vinyl Tile
Fiber Glass Tile

Durability refers to how long a carpet can keep its original appearance.

It is determined by two major factors:

How the carpet is used. The amount of traffic it endures and how well it is maintained.
How the carpet is made.

In terms of how a carpet is used, durability depends on how well you maintain the Tile.
To ensure the carpet Tile lasts for longer periods of time, you can buy extra Tile to replace Tile that may damage earlier than others.

In terms of how the carpet is made, there are three major factors that come into play:

1. Fiber Type
Carpet Tile can be made using four main fiber types:


Carpets made using nylon offer the greatest durability as nylon can withstand crushing and abrasion. Polyester and polypropylene however offer less durability.

The durability of blended carpet Tile depends o the materials used to create it. A carpet made of a blend of nylon and polyester for example offers greater durability than polyester but less durability than a pure nylon carpet.

2. Carpet Twist
This refers to how much the carpet fiber is twisted for every inch of carpet tile.
A higher carpet twist means a tight twist which offers higher durability.
Tufted Tile for example are much durable than Flat Weave Tile but not as durable as Woven Carpet Tile.

3. The Carpet Density
Refers the number of tufts contained on the carpet. To find out the density of a carpet, check its surface to find out how tightly the fibers are packed together.

Carpet Tile with tightly packed surfaces are highly resistant to stains, fluids, crushing and high-traffic situations making them more durable.

Loosely packed fibers however easily allow soil and fluids to penetrate deep into the carpet causing it to lose its beautiful look.

Using these criteria, the Woven Carpet Tile offer much more durability than Tufted Tile and Flat Weave Tile.
They are however much more expensive than both these Tile as a lot of labor is required to make them.

Carpet Tile are generally more durable than other types of carpets.
The Tile can be reinforced with vinyl backing and fiber Tile to give them extra stiffness and prevent the formation of curls at their edges.

To determine the exact durability of a carpet tile, check the information given at the carpet label.
The carpet label gives specifications on how the carpet is made including the density, weight, fiber type and measurement of twist.

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