Carpet Squares VS Roll Carpet

Carpets are an important part of home decoration. They are essential flooring needs especially in countries like Singapore. Everything around us is modernized and almost every office and house as a carpet instead of a wooden floor. Especially in Singapore, carpets are preferred over wooden floor as they are comparatively easy to maintain. It gives an aesthetic look to the work place and creates a sober environment. There are several types of carpets available in the market based on the need of the user. Carpet tiles and Carpet rolls are the two important varieties of carpet available nowadays. Based on the place and the requirement of the customer, various kinds of carpets are manufactured. Carpets are used not only to protect the floor but it also adds an elegant style to the surroundings.

Carpet Tiles VS Roll Carpet

Carpet squares-

Carpet squares are advanced form of carpets that are square shaped. Carpet tiles are part of a large carpet which is cut into various parts so that it is easy to replace and maintain them. Carpet tiles are very much resistant and are suitable for home as well as office use. It is in general more preferable for home use as it is easy to replace them. It is due to the reason that over traffic occurs in office and the ends of the carpet may peel off or the colour of the carpet may fade after a certain point of time. Hence it is not preferred for office use. The best thing about carpet squares is that, if a particular part of the carpet is damaged, it is enough to replace that part alone rather than the entire carpet as in the case of traditional carpets.

Carpet squares are great addition to your home as it gives a clean and tidy look to it. Apart from using the carpet tiles for covering the floors, they can also be used to decorate the walls. The carpet squares are small in size and are available in various colourful designs and patterns. Hence they can be used to decorate the walls, as they give a sober effect to the surroundings. Carpet tiles are easy to clean and they are very much cost effective.

Roll carpet-

Roll carpets are the traditional carpets that are ever used since the inception of carpets. They are easy to roll, fold and keep it in a corner. They are suitable for office as well as home use. They are more preferable for office use, as the carpets in the office are replaced occasionally. Roll carpets act as a protective layer on the floor and prevents it from damage. The only disadvantage of the roll carpet is that, it is not possible to replace a particular portion of the carpet. Other than that the carpet is a valuable addition to any office. The roll carpets are available in two types such as synthetic and natural. Unlike the carpet squares, the roll carpet doesn't peel off from the surface and the colour also stays comparatively a bit longer.
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