8 Benefits Of Installing A Good Quality Carpet In Your Home Or Office

Being the most popular and versatile choice for floor covering in Singapore, carpet is also a truly cost-friendly home decor solution. Whether you go for a wall-to-wall carpeting to cover the whole room, or even for combining it with other flooring options, carpets are going to make a gorgeous statement every single time. To throw a better light on the same.

Installing A Good Quality Carpet

Here are 8 Benefits of Installing A Good Quality Carpet In Your space, whether professional or residential.

Adds To The Decor

Speaking of the styles and colors of your carpet, you have got a whole spectrum of options to choose from. You can go for personalizing your space according to your very own whims and choices in terms of shades, pile heights, textures or patterns. Whether you want to make the carpet the main focal point of the room with bold features or simply want to keep things subtle, bringing out the perfect decor is going to be utterly easy.

Provides Insulation

Working as a major contribution to the insulation of the indoor space, carpets can help save a great deal of energy. Being a great thermal insulator, carpets allow for floor insulation and provide a natural feeling of warmth. The insulation offered by carpets is comparable to fibreglass insulation. To be precise, it's about ten times that of most other floor covering options. Additionally, carpets can be largely helpful in significant reduction of energy costs spent on heating and cooling. It also reduces greenhouse gas emission costs in case of major temperature difference between air under the floor and the indoor space. A carpeted floor doesn't call for heating the room unlike other smooth surfaces. It also feels warm underfoot and boosts up the energy savings. The most significant benefits of installing a carpet in terms of energy are obtained when you cover an area as large as possible with the carpet, for example a wall to wall carpeting. This happens because the heat loss reduction is directly proportional to the size of the carpeted area.

Promotes Well Being and Enhances Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that a carpet can also ensure a better health for your family ? Actually, carpets work as air filters that trap dust particles, pollen and other particles, thereby eliminating them from your breathing space. This in turn, has a truly positive influence on your overall well being. If maintained properly, a carpet also purifies the air by minimizing numerous indoor pollutants. The pile surface of a carpet traps airborne allergens and any kind of contaminants from inside and outside the premises. According to studies, people with allergies and asthma have shown significant improvements in their symptoms after installing carpets in their homes. Wall to wall carpets are likely to reduce dust in the air by 50 percent as compared to that of hard flooring options. The research suggests that sensitive people who are already suffering from some damage to their air passage should choose the flooring material carefully. It is advised to go for carpets as they absorb dust and do not emit it to the open breathing zone.

Installing A Good Quality Carpet

Offers Warmth and Comfort

That amazingly warm and cosy touch of a carpet and the soft cushioning makes everything so much more comfortable and perfect - whether you want to relax, play or even work for extended hours. People feel more warmth in a carpeted room even if the overall temperature of the room is a bit lower than a non-carpeted one. Carpets offer actual thermal resistance during colder climates and retain warm air for long.

Promotes Noise Reduction

Our homes are surely a noisy space loaded with those big TVs, computers, speaker phones, and modern sound systems. Even offices have lots of distracting noises arising from constant employee interactions and phone conversations. Carpets are great at absorbing sounds and softening harsh noises, thereby leading to a quieter indoor environment. An extra layer of cushion pad beneath the carpet can work towards an even better noise reduction, thereby minimizing stress and tension. Carpets also play the role of a sound barrier between two floors and prevent the transmission of sound to the rooms below. Also, carpets on stairs can mask the sound of foot traffic. Carpets and cushion padding eliminate the excess noise caused by by floor impacts, footfalls, chairs scraping and things dropping on the floor. Lastly, a carpet can minimize sound reverberation, i.e. it can decrease the degree to which sound resides within a room and bring it to comfortable levels. Otherwise, such spaces are noisy and echoe-y spots where phone communications become too difficult.

Softens Slips and Falls

Offering a slip resistant floor covering, carpets reduce the chances of accidents due to sudden slips or falls. Nothing can be better than a carpet when it comes to adding some cushioning to your footsteps. Also, it ensures safety for the whole family, specially the children and the elderly. While, a slippery hard surface can be very hazardous for the elderly, the kids are very likely to fall from the stairs or even slip on the floor. A carpet that comes with a good underlay can prevent any serious injuries occurring from such slips and falls.

Installing A Good Quality Carpet

Easy to Maintain

A good quality carpet can last for very long and needs quite an easy maintenance. In fact, you can keep it looking as pretty as a brand new one for years to come. All you need is a nice vacuum cleaner, a thorough professional cleaning every year, and quick attention to any spills to avoid damage.

Value for Money

The comfort and beauty of a good quality carpet are not the only things that makes it a major floor covering choice in Singapore. What's even better is that all the above benefits come for a truly reasonable price, as there's always a great carpet available for practically every budget and decor theme. In fact, other flooring options, including wood, vinyl or ceramic tiles come in square meter price, while carpet is sold by the broadloom meter. To explain better, you get around 3 times more carpet for a price that you would otherwise spend on any other type of flooring.

It won't be an overstatement to say that the aforesaid benefits surely make carpet flooring the preferred choice for a large number of professionals and homeowners. Right from reflecting your corporate culture to amplifying the home interiors, all you need to decide are the features that are important to you and get the perfect carpet installed in your space.
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