5 Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting Carpet For Office

Carpets are normally used in offices and other commercial establishments in Singapore not only to enhance their looks but also to make the place comfortable and cozy, especially during winter season. Though you can improve the functionality of your office by hiring a professional carpet supplier and installer but you should also know some basic things about the selection of your carpet before installing it. People usually make several mistakes while selecting carpet for their office due to their ignorance in this regard. Some of the mistakes that can be avoided while selecting carpet for your office are given hereunder for your guidance in this regard.

 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting Carpet For Office

While selecting carpet for their office people in Singapore usually commit mistakes by ignoring the proper type required for their place. You should select the carpet on the basis of several factors including amount of foot traffic in your office, your budget, style of carpet cost of maintenance and cost of its replacement etc. Most of these factors are ignored by people while selecting a carpet for their office. 

Mistakes to be ignored in selecting carpet for office: 

Non-consideration of foot traffic: It is one of the mistakes people in Singapore usually commit while selecting carpet for their office. An assessment of the amount of foot traffic in your office can help you in selecting a carpet of suitable quality which can bear its load. There are more chances of stains and wearing of the carpet at high traffic areas. Stain resistant and durable carpets are the best choice for high traffic areas as they can be maintained properly and easily. So you should calculate the foot traffic to your office before buying and installing a carpet in it. 

Non-evaluation of budget: Not evaluating their budget is another mistake that is usually committed by the people while selecting carpet for their office. Carpets are not an inexpensive item that can be purchased frequently. Though the durability of the carpet in your office depends upon the foot traffic in it but still it is one of the other items in your office which are abused the most. You can buy a durable and good quality carpet to last for longer period but its price increases with its quality and durability. So you should first of all consider your budget before selecting a carpet for your office.

Replacement cost of carpet: It is one of the main mistakes that are usually committed by people in Singapore while selecting carpet for their office. Carpet of reasonable quality at high traffic place will be needed to replace very frequently and a good quality carpet that may last for longer time can be unaffordable for you. So considering the replacement cost of the carpet is also essential before buying one as it may adversely affect your business, if ignored initially.

Ignore the underlayment: Ignoring the underlayment of the carpet can be one of the great mistakes done while selecting carpet for office. Underlayment or padding under the carpet acts as a lining between the bare floor and the carpet which saves it from ground moisture and provides various other benefits. Normally people ignore underlayment or padding under the carpets used in commercial places due to their additional cost but you should evaluate their benefits before ignoring them. The benefits of underlayment include the increasing of the durability of the carpet in high traffic areas, reduction in the sound of noise and temperature control etc. So you should avoid this mistake if you can afford it.

Non-consideration of carpet maintenance needs: While selecting a carpet for your office in Singapore people usually do not consider the maintenance needs of the carpet. It is one of the biggest mistakes committed by people in this regard as it will directly affect the elegance of the office. In order to maintain the office carpet properly you will have to spend an additional amount regularly that can affect your budget at large. You should discuss about the maintenance requirements before buying it even from a reliable supplier. 

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