What Is The Best Type Of Carpet For Office?

An office’s ambience and comeliness happen to be one of the most integral components of its functionality. A well furnished office not only sends out the right vibes to anyone that might have to make transactions in it. But also acts as a great morale booster to its employees who are obligated to earn their living in it.

To this end, most office management is always on the lookout for the best means to increase their working area’s aesthetic appeal. Which in extension fosters an excellent impression to their clientele. Should you be among this number, one great way of livening up your office is by choosing the right kind of carpet that can meet above mentioned prerequisites.

What Is The Best Type Of Carpet For Office?

What are the factors to consider when choosing an office carpet?

Naturally, there are diversified issues that can present themselves before you choose the right type of carpet for your workplace, and some of the most important ones are:

Foot traffic

. Unlike most household carpeting solutions, most commercial ones are subjected to a lot of traffic both from the employees and anyone that might have business to transact with such firms.

This consequently means that should your office fall under this category, you will obviously obliged to choose a carpet that can withstand this constant traffic.


Each office to all intent and purpose has its own distinct decor and style. This is usually manifested in the type of furniture, color scheme and even type of equipment in it.

. It is very pertinent to choose a carpet that will be in perfect harmony with your office’s décor even to the wall and ceiling’s color.

. This can effortlessly transform it and add a delightful touch of sophistication that won't fail to appeal to anyone that steps into your office.


This happens to be an overlooked factor to most individuals involved when it comes to purchasing office carpeting. However, it is one of the most crucial.

Carpets come in a wide and varying range quality and of course even prices. Before determining which type fits into your budget, it is important to verify its cost effectiveness.

The cheapest carpet will mostly likely necessitate a lot of maintenance and even premature replacement than one that bears a relatively steep price.

Durability and quality

Like aforementioned one good way of ascertaining an excellent office carpeting solution is its durability.

A high quality carpet should be one that can withstand a lot of foot traffic, stain-resistant, and necessitates minimal cleaning.

What are the different types of office carpet solutions in the market?

Now that we have gone through the pertinent issues you need to consider before determining which carpeting solution is right for your office. Let us now look at the common types of these products.

Nylon carpets

Nylon carpets are universally renowned for their aesthetically pleasing characteristics, and are some of the most popular office carpets in the market. These products come in a wide variety of colors and design, which can easily match any kind of décor.

A nylon carpet can also withstand high traffic, and is easy to maintain.

Additionally, these commercial carpet solutions are stain-resistant and extremely durable.

On the other hand, nylon carpets are relatively expensive, but can be an excellent long-term investment.


These types of office carpeting solution are well suited for offices that receive moderate traffic.

Their main attraction happens to be their texture, which happens to be softer than most other alternatives.

To cap it up, olefin carpets are much cheaper than nylon ones.

What Is The Best Type Of Carpet For Office?

Tufted carpets with woven backing

Such a commercial carpet is ideal for offices that receive constant traffic.

They are also extremely durable, and relatively easy to maintain.

Carpet tile

These are unique carpeting solution whose main advantage is that you can replace worn out segments.

· This invariably means they can last for long and are easy to maintain.

· On the flipside carpet tile solutions are quite expensive.

Carpet underlayment

These are optional pads that are placed between the floor and the actual carpet. Underlayment is suitable for areas of the office such as:

- Staircases.

- Areas where people stand a lot.

- Hallways where noise-reduction is vital.

From these options you can easily choose which carpet meets your situation, and be on the high road to making your office the envy of that step into it.

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