How To Clean Office Carpet Tiles?

When it comes to offices or business premises, general cleanliness matters. The first thing people notice when they step into your office is how clean the carpet flooring is. With amazing, contemporary flooring solutions like carpet tiles, cleaning has never been easier. Carpet tiles are square shaped pieces of carpet that are laid out on the floor the same way ceramic tiles are laid out. They are economical and durable but the best thing about them is that they are easy to clean compared to traditional carpets. Besides, should one area of the carpet get damaged, you only have to replace individual carpet tiles as opposed to replacing the whole carpet!

Carpet Tiles Cleaning

Various methods of cleaning office carpet tiles
The thing about offices is that there are always people coming in and going out. No matter how dry the weather is or how clean the pavements are, dust and debris are bound to be trapped in the carpet. One of the main differences between a traditional carpet and carpet tiles is that carpet tiles are contemporary and hence various cleaning options. How can you clean your office carpet tiles to maintain a stellar outlook? Here are some effective methods!

As people get in and leave the office, they bring with them debris. If the carpet tiles are not regularly cleaned, this dirt particles will accumulate. They will then cause abrasive action as they rub against the carpet’s fiber, causing it to wear down and thus reducing the carpet’s lifespan. When vacuuming, it is recommended that you use a vacuum cleaner that has cylinder brushes. These brushes tend to enhance its cleaning capabilities. Avoid using other vacuum cleaners as they don’t provide enough pressure for effective carpet tile cleaning.

Tips for effectively cleaning office carpet tiles
How often should you clean your carpet tiles? Which is the best way to clean carpet tiles? Here are some tips for you!
The regularity of cleaning should be dependent on level of usage. If many people step on the carpet daily. Try to wash it on a daily basis.

Take extra care of the tiles on entrances and exits as they are the ones that are prone to heavy usage.
Vacuum the tiles around the edges separately to avoid thin lines of dirt in the areas around the edges where it is difficult for the vacuum to reach.

Vacuum the carpet in slow movements to give enough time for the dirt to be extracted and vacuum in various directions to enable more dirt removal.

You could try to place barrier mats on exits and entrances to reduce the amount of dirt being dragged into the office.

Deep cleaning
This method is best carried out by professionals as you may cause irreparable damage to the carpet tiles if you do it wrongly. Deep cleaning is where a water jet is used to dislodge debris from the carpet, after which it is dried through vacuuming. The water jet used can either be cold or hot and may contain detergents or other cleaning agents.

Deep Carpet Cleaning

Tips for deep cleaning
Ensure you don’t make the carpet too soggy as it may cause extensive damage to the carpet tiles.
The carpet cleaning machine used should have good suction, otherwise it will only clean the top surface of the carpet. This will leave debris settling deep into the carpet tiles.
Use hot water for deep cleaning. It is more effective as it tends to remove the particles more efficiently.

Stain removal
It is not uncommon for people in the office to spill coffee or other drinks and not bother to clean it up. After all, there is a cleaner to do that job for them. The problem with this is that it cause the carpet to stain. How can you effectively deal with some stains? Read on to find out!

Blood- use cold water to soak the stain and use a biological liquid detergent mixed with water to break down the stain.
Cigarette burns- depending on the extent of the burn, a sharp knife or a scalpel should be used. The burnt area should be first scrapped off, followed by stain removal through liquid detergents and warm water.

Chewing gum- you should place an ice cube on the stuck gum and the scrape it off once it is frozen. This process should be repeated till all the gum is lifted. You should then use shampoo to clean the tiles.

Ink- should anyone accidentally spill ink on the carpet tiles, they should immediately try and wash the area using cold water. Solvent carpet cleaners should be used for stubborn stains,

Removing stains on carpet

When it comes to carpet removal, fast action is required or the stain could be difficult to clean later on. You should also refrain from rubbing the stains as that will only cause it to spread, but instead dab it with a clean cloth.

Other ways of cleaning office carpet tiles
Some of the other methods you could use to clean the carpet tiles in your office include;
Dry Carpet Cleaning- this is where a dry powder is mixed with a cleaning agent and then sprinkled over the dirty area. A rotating brush machine is then used to spread the powder deep into the carpet, after which it is left for some time to absorb the dirt. Once it has absorbed all the dirt, the carpet tiles are thoroughly vacuumed to extract the powder.
Shampooing- this is where shampoo and water is used to loosen the dirt and a brush used to clean it out. Shampooing is done best by professional carpet cleaners.

Looking for ways to clean your office carpet tiles?
Just pick any of the above methods and see which one works best for you! As an office, it is in your best interests to keep your work area clean. You should also bear in mind that the fibers in the carpet tiles have the ability to trap allergens that can cause health complications. The good news is that carpet tiles are really easy to clean!

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