How Often Should We Clean Our Office Carpet?

Cleaning a carpet removes dirt, germs, irritants, and prolongs its life. The debris and soil that is left on a carpet when people walk on it wears out the carpet fibres, with time the carpet loses its beauty and shape. Cleaning your office carpet is the key to maintaining the carpet’s beauty and life. Many people vacuum their office carpet regularly. In addition to vacuuming, carpets need regular cleaning as well. The question is how often should the carpet be cleaned?
Several factors that determine how often you should clean your office carpet.

How Often Should We Clean Our Office Carpet?

1. Traffic to and from your office- Look at how often clients and stakeholders frequent your office. If your office has high traffic, your carpet will most likely have more dirt and debris than an office that doesn’t have high traffic.

2. Type and quality of carpet- Vacuuming removes most dirt and debris depending on the quality and type of your office carpet. The heavier your office carpet is, the more dirt and debris it’s likely to hold.

3. Preferences- Some people will be ok cleaning their carpets every other 4- 6 months while others will need their carpets cleaned every moth depending on their preferences.

4. Unexpected spills and leaks-Sometimes tea, perfume, etc, may accidentally spill on your carpet. If the spill is trivial, you can just have the area cleaned but sometimes you may need to clean the entire carpet for serious spills to get rid odour and prevent the carpet from staining.

5. Generally, you should have your office carpet cleaned after every 4 to 6 months. Most carpets are made in such a way that it’s difficult to tell how dirty they actually are. Clean your carpet f especially if frequently if you have grit and fine dirt being tracked into your office, sand from your parking lot, pesticides used on grass, and high traffic to and from your office to keep the carpet clean and healthy.

Cleaning your office carpet

The difference between cleaning a home carpet and an office carpet is that office carpets have more traffic and thus more dirt and debris. In addition to cleaning your carpet frequently, have it cleaned professionally occasionally, say once or twice a year. Below are steps you can take to keep your office carpet clean between your cleaning intervals.

1. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly every evening when everyone has left. This will prevent dirt and debris from being ground into the carpet.

2. Clean minor spills and spots when they happen. Use a good shampoo, rag to blot out the stain and a soft scrub brush for stubborn stains. Then place a piece of clean cloth to extract any residue liquid left. Let the area dry before anyone steps on it.

3. Clean the office carpet with a steam cleaner monthly when there are no people in the office.

4. Clean the carpet thoroughly every 4- 6 moths to remove dirt, germs, irritants and debris.

5. Hire professional carpet cleaners once or twice a year. Professional carpet cleaners have the tools equipment, experience, and expertise for thorough carpet cleaning. Many times, you may not have the expertise or equipment to do a good office carpet-cleaning job, consider hiring professional carpet cleaners for a meticulously clean and healthy carpet.

How Often Should We Clean Our Office Carpet?

Choose eco-friendly carpet cleaning products to protect the carpet, employees, and the environment as a whole
Why clean your office carpet frequently.

· Get rid of allergens- The carpet carries dust mites, pollen, dust and other allergens that might affect some employees. Cleaning the carpet regularly will remove these allergens to create a healthy and productive work environment.

· Create the right office image- A Clean office creates the right impression to clients, potential customers and stakeholders who regularly visit your office.

· Get rid of germs, dust, and particles- Cleaning your office frequently can help get rid of disease causing organisms, in addition to removing debris, particles, and dust.

· Prolong the carpets life- A well-cleaned and maintained carpet will help keep the carpet attractive for a longer time. Debris, dust and particles all wear out a carpets fibre which affects the carpets look and overall life.

· Cleaning your office carpet frequently helps maintain the carpets aesthetic values, removes germs and allergens for a clean, healthy, and comfortable cleaning environment. Cleaning your office carpet after four to six months will suffice to keep the carpet beautiful and clean.

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