What Are The Differences Between Dry Cleaning And Wet Shampooing?

If you are a resident of Singapore, then you obviously know that most of the people here use carpets in their homes. Whether these are the FDB flats or big houses in Singapore, you will find carpets on the floors of almost all abodes. There is no need to tell you that you have to clean your carpet on regular intervals so that you can maintain the texture of this expensive item. Most importantly, all the germs and dusts should be removed from it. You can’t clean a carpet properly at home. Even if you use a vacuum cleaner, it can’t suck all the dust particles from it. Therefore, you have to opt for the professional carpet cleaning company. However, there are two options: one is dry cleaning and another is wet shampooing. Do you know which one is better for your carpet and which one should you select? No! Then just relax! Here are the differences between these two procedures of carpet cleaning.

Carpet Dry Cleaning And Wet Shampooing

Mechanism of 2 procedures:

1. Wet cleaning process is of two types.
First one is steam cleaning and the second one is shampooing. In the wet shampooing method, lots of water and shampoo are used to clean the carpet thoroughly. The fibers of the carpet are covered with shampoo by using the cleaning equipment so that the dirts as well as stains accumulated in the carpet get stirred up. Thus, they get trapped within the shampoo. After that, the cleaning professionals of Singapore let the carpet dry properly in order to vacuum clean it. In this way, all the marks, grimes and dusts accumulated in the fibers of the carpet are washed away completely and you get a new looking carpet for your home.

2. On the contrary, in the dry cleaning process, no water is used.
The cleaning services spread a moist powder all over the carpet and use a special kind of machine to massage this into the fibers of your valuable item. The powder is made of a dissolving solvent, some detergent along with an absorbent. Besides that, there is a little bit of water in the powder in order to make it moist. This powder is made especially for the carpets so that it can be used as the stronger cleaning agent. After massaging the powder into the carpet, the Singaporean carpet cleaning company will vacuum clean it.


1. Dry cleaning method is much faster in comparison to the wet shampooing method.

2. However, in the wet method, you have to wait a little longer since here you have to first soak it in the shampoo and then wait for more or less 24 hours in order to dry the solution.


1. Dry cleaning is also known as surface cleaning. In simple words, in this method the carpet is not cleaned as thoroughly and deeply as in wet shampooing method. That is why from time to time it is seen that all the dirts and germs are not removed properly.

2. On the other hand, in the wet shampooing method since the carpet is soaked in the shampoo and water for some time, all the dirts are removed from the core. In fact, it’s the more powerful form of carpet cleaning.
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