Carpets vs Rugs

The debate rages on. When we furnish our apartment there are quite a few new fixtures and fittings that we need to change or buy new ones. These include wardrobes, sofas and other such things. Yes, no house will be complete without carpets or rugs. But the question that many often ask is the same. Which is better, carpets or rugs? It would be interesting therefore to find answers for the same. Rugs and carpets have their own pros and cons and choosing the right one depends on individual needs and requirements. Let us therefore try and find answer when it comes to doing a comparison of rugs vs carpets.

Carpet vs Rugs

Area rugs are commonly used for the purpose of highlighting a specific are of the living room. They are easily changeable. It is preferred over carpets because it can help in changing the appearance of the area. This can be done by changing the appearance of the rugs. Carpets on the other hand are used to cover a larger area and are used to keep flooring safe and in good condition. They also help to keep the rooms dust and dirt free because they have the capacity to absorb the same.

Some Good Things about Rugs

If you spend time and choose the right rug it could go a long way in adding to the overall artistic appeal and stylishness of the room. If you believe in a theme that is monochromic in nature, you could choose a rug that has a contrasting color. It can go a long in breaking that monotonous feeling and bring in quite a bit of freshness to the entire room. Further, when you use rugs in a room with a large space, it can merge different furnishings and fixtures together and help create a look that is uniform and even.

Further rugs are usually small in size and are portable. Therefore, they are easy to handle when compared to carpets. They are also easy to clean and they permit airflow. Therefore they might be helpful when it comes to preventing moulds. If you are allergic to mildew and dust then you have reasons to choose rugs over carpets.

You can replace rugs without having to invest big money. This is because the size is small and you can easily buy a new one and have it changed. Area rugs are also not required to cover the entire floor. If you have paid money and invested in classy-looking flooring, then choosing rugs would perhaps be the most logical thing to do.

The Downsides of Rug

However, rugs do have some problem and one of the major concerns is that they could be unsafe. This is because they are not secured and fastened. Hence, there is a risk of tripping and falling, especially if you have young children or elderly people. Slipping is also a problem with rugs. Rugs do not provide complete and total insulation.

Why Carpets

Carpeting provides a good combination of looks and performance. Further when you install carpet in coordination with the overall theme and design of your home, you can certainly make your home bigger and stylish. Carpets are fixed to the floor and therefore are stable and safe. They are also slip resistant. Invest once in a carpet and you can be sure that it will last for years. You need not spend time, money and effort in changing the carpets every now and then.

You can be sure that there will not be any covered place in your home if you decide to invest in a good carpet. If you have pets, elders or even a crawling toddler, carpets would be a great option. They come in different colors and could brighten up the house and bring in a sense of uniformity. They certainly go a long way in bringing a sense of sophistication to the entire home.

Carpet vs Rugs

The Downsides of Carpet

However, carpets are expensive. Small wear and tear usually cannot be repaired and you will have to live with it. Replacing would be expensive and installing them may also lead to wear and tear of the flooring and the walls.

The Final Word

When we look at pros, cons and functions of both carpets and rugs, it is quite possible that we might find both of them unique in their own ways. Hence the answer to the question carpets vs rugs would depend on individual users.
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