6 Reasons You Should Not Install Carpet

When choosing a flooring material for your home or office, it is prudent to look at the disadvantages and advantages of each flooring option available in the market. Carpet is one is one of the most preferred option due to its comfort and aesthetics. Nevertheless, there are number its cons that you should be aware of if you intend to install it in your premises.

6 Reasons You Should Not Install Carpet

Here are 6 reasons you should not consider it for your next flooring project.

High maintenance expenses:

Ultimately, you are looking for a flooring option that is easy to maintain. Research studies shows carpets demand more complex maintenance procedures as compared to all other flooring materials. One has to regular vacuum it to get rid of dirt and other debris that may be trapped in the material. You might have to hire a professional vacuum cleaning service provider if you do not have information and skills on how to carry out this task correctly. Hence, you will have to readjust your monthly or annual budget to cater for these expenses.

Pose numerous health risks:

The materials used to make carpets are well known for their ability to absorb pet odors, dirt and other undesirable smells. This in turn lowers the quality of air in your premises. Inhalation of such polluted air can lead to various respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and lung cancer. They also house a wide array of allergens that can lead to health complications such as coughs. Also, environmental regulatory bodies warns home owners that carpeting can lead to emission of various toxic chemicals that can lead to shortness of breath, headaches, skin irritations and environmental pollution.

Low lifespan:

Most of the carpets in the markets are made from synthetic materials that are artificially made in industries. These materials have a very short lifespan that ranges between 10-15 years as they are prone to wear and tear. You might end up tearing it apart when rearranging your home.

Very susceptible to damage:

The materials used to make carpets are not only less durable but also less resilient than all other options in the market today. It can be easily yanked by pet claws or furniture. Note that it is virtually impossible to repair a section of the carpet without compromising your home interior decoration hence you will just have to purchase a new carpet or install tiles.

Unlike hard floors that exhibit high resilient properties, spills have a very long lasting effect on carpets as the stains are very redundant. You will have to vacuum it severally and use very strong detergents whose ingredients will pose a danger to your health and the environment. In fact, some homeowners are forced to hide the stains using home accessories such as furniture to save money and cushion themselves from health complications that could arise when attempting to get rid of the stains.

Cannot be installed in some rooms:

This is one of the major reasons why most people do not prefer using carpets in their homes. It goes without saying that you cannot install a carpet in your bathroom because it’s absorbs moisture. This in turn leads to growth of molds in its padding. The molds produce spores that can cause serious health complications to people suffering from asthma. The spores are also rich in allergens that will make your life uncomfortable. Other unwelcome guests that it attracts include germs, bugs and the list is endless. Based on these facts, you will have to spend more money install special flooring materials such as tiles in your bathroom. It’s more economical to use just one flooring material in your house instead of using two or three options.

Complicates home decoration and renovation projects:

When decorating your home, you have to ensure that your selected accessories blend or compliment the color and design of the carpet. Also, when carrying out home renovations, you might be forced to get a whole new carpet if the current one does not match with your new home design. This will complicate the two projects as you will have to do carry out an intensive research when shopping for home accessories.

Steer clear of carpets when carrying out flooring projects to eschew these problems. There is a wide array of other options that are more reliable, efficient, durable and elegant than carpets.
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