10 Carpet Maintenance Tips For Home

The appearance of the flooring a house can break or make it. An attractive flooring option will make the interior of a house look stunning and increase the overall value of the property. One of the most common flooring options used by many people is the carpet.

This type of flooring type requires great care to ensure it retains a good appearance and complements the interior of your house. Proper maintenance will make it last for a very long time. Below are 10 carpet maintenance tips for a stunning interior.

Home Carpet Maintenance

Keep shoes off

Shoes are the main contributors of dirt on your carpet. Your shoe sole always appears to be clean, but you can get bacteria and outside pollutants into the house through your soles very easily. Shoe soles collect fine particles and oily substances into your house.

The ideal approach to prevent your carpet from getting dirt is by advising your friends or relatives to remove their shoes before getting into the house. You can also wear socks and slippers while in the house. Bare feet can leave your carpet dirt though you may think they are clean because they still have an oil film that leaves a residue on your carpet hence attracting dirt.

You should also avoid walking on the carpet with high heels shoes because they catch on the carpet fibers causing pulls in a pile. When you do this, you can be sure your carpet will remain clean and avoid inflicting any damages on it.

Use doormats

You can avoid bringing dust particles into the house if you keep doormats at every entry point of the house. There are different kinds of mats which are kept either inside or outside the house. Coarse-textured mats can be kept outside your doors to collect soil particles, and these will make your carpet cleaning work easy. The other type is the water-absorbent mat that is kept inside the house to prevent wet shoes on the carpeting.

This carpet should be kept mostly in entry points of the bathroom or the kitchen if you sprinkle water while washing utensils. Other than having this kind of mats, you should also ensure to keep them clean to avoid spreading dirt and bacteria to the carpet.

Home Carpet Maintenance

Regular vacuum cleaning

Vacuum cleaning is the best way to keep your carpet clean. Using a vacuum cleaner at least two times a week or more if your house gets a lot of foot traffic will help to keep your carpet from dirt. This habit improves the air quality in your home, and this will ensure the durability of your carpet. Remember to set the vacuum to the right height.

For instance, if you set the vacuum extremely low, you will end up damaging the carpet plus the drive belt and roller brush of the vacuum. Also if the vacuum is raised too high, it won’t gather dirt appropriately. Adjust accordingly first and then start your cleaning project.

Immediate Cleaning of stains

Stains should not be allowed to stay on the carpet for a long time because the longer the stains take, the longer time you will take to clean the carpet. If you stain your carpet and try to clean it immediately, there’s a high chance that you will remove the stain.

You should also avoid rubbing or scrubbing stains because this will damage the carpet fibers and create a fuzzy area. Solid deposits should be gentry removed by scraping with a knife, and oily filtrate can be treated using a remover sprayed onto an absorbent cloth. Liquid spillages should be wiped with a clean white cloth or a soft tissue.

Always wash from the outer edge toward the center of the stain avoid spreading the spot and increase the damage of the carpet. You can also try out vinegar if the stains are tough to remove before going for stronger commercial cleaning products because some products can damage the carpet’s color and texture.

Using professional carpet cleaning services regularly

Except vacuum cleaning, using the services of an expert in carpet cleaning is the best way to help your carpet last for a longer period and improve the health of your family. You should hire professionals to get your carpet clean at least once a year.

If your home always has foot traffic or maybe it’s a busy one, having a touch up clean of the busy areas every six months and a full clean every twelve months would be a good idea. Deep cleaning can only be provided by quality machine because the machines will remove the pollutants that have settled beyond the reach your vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning using hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is preferred to clean stains and odors from carpets. Hydrogen is also preferred because of its cost and convenience. If you can try to clean a stain using hydrogen peroxide, It is highly recommended to first test it on a discrete part of your carpet mostly in a corner or underneath a piece of furniture.

Home Carpet Maintenance

Shield it from direct sunlight

If you expose your carpet to sunlight, the UV rays can make it. Carpets with pale colors are the most affected, but you cannot notice this until you rearrange your furniture. To make sure that you reduce the effect of sun damage, you can use awnings, blinds or curtains.

Cleaning using baking soda

Baking soda is mostly known for baking bread, but it is also used in carpet cleaning. This product is environmentally friendly, affordable, and will remove stains and odors from the carpeting.

Use friendly products during cleaning

When cleaning your carpet, always use products that won’t cause more harm than good. Some cleaning products work by bleaching mechanism which cannot go well with a carpet with pale colors. So take note of this to avoid fading your lovely carpet.

Moving furniture

If you need to move furniture, seek some assistance if they are too heavy for you. Avoid dragging them on the carpet because this can result in tearing your carpet.


One of the biggest mistakes that many people with carpet flooring do is to forget about its maintenance. A neglected carpet can cause health problems to your family members and give visitors a bad impression about you. You can avoid all these by implementing the above 10 carpet maintenance tips for the home. Keep your carpet in good shape now!
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